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Documentary Studies

Program Description

As the media becomes an increasingly present and powerful force in our lives, and stories become available almost as soon as they happen, documentaries are important forms of storytelling. If you have a passion for film and stories, consider the Documentary Studies minor. This program will give you the tools to create, edit, and present documentary films, allowing you to share ideas, morals, and messages with the world. The Documentary Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program, with eligible courses in topics such as anthropology, communication, film and media arts, English, and environmental studies. Specific production techniques covered include not just traditional formats, such as radio, photography, and film, but also multimedia and interactive web formats. This prepares students for the program’s final project: a student-produced documentary in any of the forms of documentary presentation.

Academic and Career Opportunities

If you want to enhance your skills and network while a student at the U, consider joining the Student Advisory Committee for Film or participate in an ArtsForce event or workshop: in addition to social opportunities. Students can also complete an internship, gaining valuable professional skills and experience. After graduation, you can pursue careers in film and media—as a producer, director, or editor—or become a journalist, photographer, or educator.

Last Updated: 8/21/23