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Program Description

If you want to improve your artistic skills and develop your talent for creative expression, consider minoring in Drawing. The University of Utah’s Drawing program will give you fundamental training in varied creative topics, such as representational, abstract, and post-modern styles of art. The curriculum focuses on the two-dimensional aspects of art: representational accuracy, linear, perspective and expressive qualities of line. Students will additionally study chiaroscuro, value, and color theory through design-oriented and representational assignments. The U has several studios for students to practice in, with still-life and life model sets, directional lighting, and life-sized anatomical forms. Regardless of whether you pursue a career in art or instead draw as a hobby, the Drawing minor will give you the skills you need to unlock your creative potential.

Students interested in studying drawing also have the option of a painting and drawing emphasis in the Art Studio BFA

Academic and Career Opportunities

The Department of Art and Art History offers students many chances to network and get involved: for example, the Painting and Drawing Student Association hosts events and professional development opportunities for members. Students can socialize and meet like-minded peers by joining the Drawing Student Association. Alumni of the program can pursue careers as illustrators for textbooks, magazines, or books, or become comic book artists or cartoonists. With additional education at the graduate level, students can also become educators, curators, or art therapists.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23