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ecology and legacyEcology and Legacy Minor

Program Description

The Honors Ecology and Legacy Integrated Minor offers students a guided pathway through Honors, one where they can dive into environmental and ecological thinking in an interdisciplinary manner. There are three versions of the minor—Ecology and Legacy Utah, Ecology and Legacy Patagonia, and Ecology and Legacy East Africa. Through coursework and applied experiences, students in the minor study the ways ecology and the environment are intertwined with the social world in an era of climate change. Students engage with human and natural system interactions and adaptations; learn at the intersections of ecology, sustainability, and environmental justice; and think critically about what it means to be leaders, citizens, and stewards in the era of climate change. Depending on which version of the minor students select, they spend time in the field in Utah, East Africa, or Patagonia.

Career Opportunities

The Ecology and Legacy Integrated Minor is beneficial to students of any major interested in interdisciplinary scholarship and environmental thought, and it produces students that are well-rounded applicants for any field. It provides students with a foundational ecological and environmental thought in the humanities, sciences, and fine arts and produces students that are critical and interdisciplinary thinkers and excellent writers. Students in every iteration of the minor gain valuable experience in the field that sets them apart from other job applicants.

Note: The Ecology and Legacy Minor is a cohort experience. Students apply and then commit to completing the entire minor in a pre-determined sequence.

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Exploratory Classes

  • HONOR 2109 - Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions: Through and Ecological Lens I
  • HONOR 2110 - Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions: Through and Ecological Lens II

Last Updated: 7/9/24