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Program Description

Gain a deeper understanding of Germanic cultures through the study of the German language, literature, and society. In the German program at the University of Utah, you will gain a firm foundation in speaking, reading, and writing the German language, as well as read and analyze key works of literature from around the German-speaking world. Students studying German take language classes in addition to courses on German history, literature, culture, and grammar. The program provides a broad overview of German history, arts, and culture, allowing you to develop the social awareness necessary for today's global environment.

The Student Experience

The program offers several academic enrichment opportunities. Study abroad for a semester to experience German culture firsthand; submit a paper on sustainability research to the Green Talent Competition for a chance to visit research facilities in Germany; or, complete an internship or undergraduate research project to gain hands-on skills and deepen your knowledge.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, you will be prepared for careers in a number of fields. Work for the government domestically or abroad as a translator, linguist, diplomat, immigration or customs specialist, or journalist. Or, enter the world of international business as a supply chain manager, logistics specialist, or HR representative. Jobs in travel and tourism—as an airline employee, travel guide, or translator—are possible, as are careers in education and administration. With additional education at the graduate level, you can also find work as a professor, lawyer, librarian, or curator.

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Exploratory Classes

  • WLC 2010 - Intro to the Study of Literature & Culture
  • WLC 2020 - Language in Society
  • GERM 1010 (or above) - Beginning German I

Last Updated: 7/9/24