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Program Description

Media is any means of mass communication: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, and internet. As we continue to advance technology, media is available in nearly every aspect of modern life. It is on our TVs, our computers, our phones, and even our watches. Whether we like it or not, this constant media presence affects us and our communities. If you want to understand how we use, adapt, appropriate, and are affected by media, consider minoring in Media Studies at the University of Utah. Media Studies courses examine the relationship of media to ethnicity, gender, race, and social identity, in addition to courses that emphasize the role of communication technology, new media, and social media, and how these things are related to audience, content and aesthetics. This program is an excellent fit for students who want to pursue knowledge of media as a complement to majors outside of the Department of Communication.

Academic and Career Opportunities

Outside of the classroom, be sure to participate in some of the many student organizations in the Department of Communication: Absolute Communication is a student-run advertising and PR company affiliated with the U, and the Scope and Newsbreak are radio and broadcast programs staffed and managed by U undergrads. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained critical thinking and social awareness skills that are applicable to a number of fields. English students might use this minor to become newspaper editors or writers for late-night TV, while marketing students can use their media studies skills as they market products to consumers.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23