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physics teaching

Physics Teaching

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Program Description

The Physics Teaching Bachelor’s Degree is intended for students who plan on becoming teachers in the K-12 school system. It includes all the required courses for an endorsement in Physics and Physical Science through the Utah State Office of Education. This major does have an optional combined BS/MEd degree that allows students to complete both degrees and licensure in 5 years.

If you are interested in pursuing the 5th year MEd joint program, please contact both a Physics and Education advisor to plan out courses and experiences.

The Student Experience

Students gain a broad understanding in physics that prepares them to teach physics or physical sciences in K-12 schools. They also gain valuable skills through their education classes and field work. Students are encouraged to apply as a Learning Assistant or teaching assistant, participate in community outreach, or get involved with undergraduate research. Students will be paired with a peer mentor in their first year to help them navigate and build their college experience.

Career Opportunities

Most students pursuing this degree become secondary science teachers in Utah and across the country. Others get involved in science and community outreach at planetariums, national parks, museums, and various organizations.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23