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Secondary Education


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Program Description

If you are passionate about a particular field and want to educate and train others in that topic, consider entering the world of secondary education. Successful secondary teachers first acquire in-depth knowledge of a given subject, and they then apply concepts and principles of the subject as they educate their students. The U offers the following secondary subject areas for students to specialize in:

Students must major in their emphasis area, complete the secondary education program, then be recommended for licensing to be eligible to teach at the secondary level. Through a program of coursework, discussion, and hands-on experience, the Secondary Teacher Licensure Program will prepare you for a career as a junior high, middle school, or high school teacher. In addition to the requirements for their subject track, secondary education students complete courses in adolescent psychology, assessment principles, teaching students with disabilities, multicultural education, and building family-school partnerships. The requirements to achieve ESL endorsement are built into these courses, allowing students to receive ESL endorsement at the time they are recommended for their teaching license. The fianl year of the program is a field practicum, where students are placed in local classrooms to gain experience teaching their chosen subject. Ultimately, this program will give you the critical thinking skills and human understanding necessary to be an effective educator or to pursue a career in an allied field.

The Student Experience

Students seeking academic enrichment can complete undergraduate research projects through their major coursework, allowing them to pursue individual interest areasas they apply in a classroom environment. If you want to get involved on campus, consider joining a club through your major department or other department: the Education & Advocacy Bennion Center Group promotes lifelong education in the community,Utah Reads hires students to provide literacy and math tutoring to elementary school children, and the Special Education Student Advisory Committee is a group for students interested or majoring in special education.Be sure to attend the outreach events offered by the Urban Institute for Teacher Education, and consult the Utah Education Network for resources that will help you in your career as an educator.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation and successful completion of the PRAXIS test (a series of tests required for teacher licensing in the state of Utah), students may pursue careers as teachers in middle and high schools. Stay in Utah as a local educator, or relocate to another part of the country to teach in an entirely new state (licensure in your new state might be required). With additional education at the graduate level, students can become principals, school counselors, professors, or administrators.

Last Updated: 3/26/19