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business scholars

Business Scholars

Program Description

This certificate is available to students who have been accepted into the Business Scholars Program in the Eccles School of Business. The certificate provides an opportunity for students to take Business Scholars specific version of required Eccles courses, while also building on their classroom knowledge through applied experiential learning opportunities. It fosters a cohort experience through courses taken with other Business Scholars students.

Academic and Career Opportunities

The Business Scholars certificate builds on the experiences gained in any Eccles School major or minor. Along with the skills and knowledge gained from the business curriculum broadly, students completing the certificate will have received greater exposure to professional development, networking, professional communication, and practical experiential learning that enhances their undergraduate business degree and provides preparation for any future business, non-profit, or public institution careers.

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Exploratory Classes

  • BUS 3995 - Business Scholars
  • BUS 1051 - Honors Foundations of Business Thought
  • BUS 2010 - Introduction to Business Economics
  • BUS 2011 - Honors Introduction to Quantitative Business Economics

Last Updated: 8/21/23